Hybrid Plan

Hybrid Unilevel plans came into existence on 1985. Hybrid-unilevel consists of one sales force classification. Here, everyone can be considered as a distributor. Sales leaders are not present here. We get paid on the distributors down X number of levels. Then the company pays an extra amount based on another criteria besides the classifications of sales force. This depends upon the fact that how long a distributor in the downline has been in the company. There is a period of time where if we sign up people, we can make more as new recruits and less on them when later. These programs can also pay higher commissions to a new recruit for the specified period.
In the case of Hybrid Unilevels, sponsors can achieve the monthly qualifying volume with the help of total organizational volume or with the help of volume within a specific number of levels. Sponsors will not lose their breakaways here. Sales leaders can surplus the income from them. They never have to replace the volume in a Breakaway. The Percentages for the Hybrid Unilevels are given in the downline of personal volumes. With the help of a Hybrid Unilevel Plan, those who are in the company will make a higher than average percentage commission for the people they sponsor. When the new ones are recruiting the distributors achieves a higher percentage on the volume in the first 30 or 60 days. It depends on the duration of the fast start program. The Hybrid Unilevel plans will have some form of fast start and bonus programs to get distributors a higher percentage. Most of the plans that are called Uni-levels today are actually Hybrid Unilevels.

Considering about the MLM Compensation Plans available today in the MLM industry, the hybrid binary compensation plan has greater advantages. The plan consists of the mixing of binary compensation plan and unilevel compensation plan. This plan consists of two computers or two legs. The recently Sponsored is placed alternately in each of these legs: left, right, left, right, continuously. It is beneficial if we find a balance between both legs. Accordingly this plan is paid approximately 10% and 20% of the weaker leg. The major advantage of this plan is that the turnover of equipment is not only in the hands of sponsored people but also collaborate the upline which has placed under us. If we decide to place a new sponsor in a particular leg and with his help we expect to form a great team to achieve excellent results, then what was achieved is termed as team synergy. From this plan we can add the share Unilevel compensation plan. It is reflected in the term matching bonus, or generation.

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