RD-FD Software



. 45000 . 35000/-

Digiature Software Company Provides a RD FD Software is in Allahabad for recurring and fixed deposits. This is a sort of Mini Banking Software. Here a client can have an account with the company and deposit the money in the shape of fixed deposits or we can say the amount can be paid in a single installment to grow with the company while in recurring deposits the same amount can be paid in multiple but equal installments.

The RD (Recurring Deposit) / FD (Fixed Deposit) Software offered by Digiature Software Company will provide you an immense numbers of facilities. Our RD FD Software Solution Provides the facility for agent and agreement registration and agreement maturity calculation and other commission calculation and other claim calculation.

Our Digiature Software and RD & FD with the highest level security are widely used in India and we provide comprehensive technical support and maintenance program for Micro Finance Software and other software. Our Developed Software products not have a limited feature, we also customized software products according customer plan need. Just go for one of our best micro finance software products and the success will be all yours.

Our RD & FD Software includes

Administration Settings
  • Manage Admin
  • Manage Designation / Rank
  • Manage Category like:- RD , FD
  • Manage Terms
  • Manage Plan
  • Manage Installment Plans
  • Manage Package
  • Manage Surrender
  • Manage Deduction (TDS / Services Tax)
  • Manage Web Content
  • Manage News
  • Add Branch
  • Manage Branch
Payroll Configure
  • Registration Form
  • Manage Investors
  • List of Investors List
  • Self Joint Venture List
  • Maturity List
  • Monthly Maturity List
  • Registration Form
  • Manage Associates
  • List of Associates
  • Self Distributor List
  • Money Receipt
  • Passbook
  • Surrender Plan
  • Rd Renew Term
  • Rd Renew Receipt
  • Rd Deposit Receipt
  • Repay MIS Installment
  • MIS Installment Report
  • Joint Venture Report
  • Associate Report
  • Voucher Report
  • New Collection
  • Old Collection
  • Commission Associate Report
  • TDS Branch Report
  • Total TDS Report
  • Excel Data Import.
  • Excel & PDF Data Export.
  • Tally comfortable.

Our RD & FD HR-Payroll software includes

  • Update admin.
  • Add financial year.
Employee Details
  • Add employee.
  • View/update employee details.
  • Basic information.
  • Bank details.
  • Address information.
  • Salary details.
Payroll Configure
  • Update PF and ESI Percentage.
  • PT Slab.
  • ESI Slab.
  • Income Tax Configuration.
Employee Attendance Details
  • Add Employee Attendance.
Salary Details
  • Create Salary.
  • View Salary Information.
HR Configure
  • Holiday List.
  • Salary Reports.
  • Statutory Reports.
  • Payroll MIS Reports.
  • Leave Reports.
  • Excel Data Import.
  • Excel & PDF Data Export.
  • Tally omfortable.