Static Website


Static Website

A static website is a site that offers users with placed material that never changes dynamically in reaction to user activities. It includes pre-designed website pages that are stored on a web server as HTML documents. The consumer's web browser generates and shows the information after acquiring the appropriate HTML document from the web server as a reply to a page request. Static websites are created and maintained manually, as compared to dynamic websites, which create data immediately utilizing server-side scripts and databases. Normally, every web page is coded individually, so any changes or additions call for manual editing in the HTML files. Small to medium-sized websites with simple features and frequent improvements frequently use static sites. It tends to be used for brochures web pages for landing, educational websites, private ones, and portfolios.Static website is also termed as Small Business Website and Brochure Websites and usually serves with an online demonstration thus enabling us to persuade the prospective customers to purchase our products or services. This  websites are essential for an array of purposes because they offer speed, effectiveness, safety, and dependability. Static sites provide a solid foundation for a successful online identity, whether it's for displaying a portfolio, providing educational material, or running a small business website.


One of the primary advantages of static internet sites is their relative simplicity. A static website can be built using less knowledge of technology and is therefore more approachable to users. Because no server-side calculations or complicated databases are needed, the creation process is simple and rapid. A static site is also easier to maintain because modifications and changes can be made by simply altering the HTML files. Static sites provide superior speed. Due to the absence of server-side processing, static internet pages run quickly and offer a simple user interface. Processing is sped up by decreasing the quantity of data which needs to be sent as well as avoiding complicated databases and scripts. Because every website has been pre-rendered, the cache can be correctly used, reducing the stress on networks, and improving the efficiency of resources.

Charachterstics of static website.

Easy to Use: Static websites follow a basic structure and do not require complex programming on the server or managing databases. Due to their basic nature, websites are easier to create, host, and control.

Quick Loading: static sites usually load quickly as no processing on the server or queries to the database are needed as they provide pre-rendered HTML documents. Improved user interface and positive impacts on rankings in search engines are offered by this fast loading speed.

Cost effective: In comparison with websites that are dynamic, which require server space for running scripts and queries to the database, static sites are usually easier to host. They are frequently hosted on web hosting services with lower storage needs.

Protection: As there is no need for scripting on the server or data interaction, static internet pages are considered to be more secure. Breaches in security are more unlikely as hackers are unable to take advantage of numerous shortcomings.

Reliability:Static websites are highly trusted because they aren't dependent on external sources or connections. Customers are going to be allowed to visit a static site for as long as the website's server is functional.

Version Control: As static websites are built up of separate HTML documents, tools for version control like Git are useful for helping to maintain a record of adjustments, collaborate with others on tasks, and rollback back to previous versions as needed.

Product Description

Digiature Technology Pvt. Ltd. is a website design & development company that work for all around the world. Digiature Technology Pvt. Ltd. Static website packages provide absolute solution to the individuals or businesses , to post simple information about themselves or about their company onto the static web pages. The static website is simple website design which is cost effective and beneficial for the small enterprises or individual to expand their business through web.


Single Domain (.com,.in,.org) etc.


1 GB.


10 GB.

Email Accounts 10
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Amount Rs. 4500/-