Native/Hybrib App.Development

Native/Hybrib App.Development

We are a custom mobile application development company and our frequent clients are those who are searching for specialists in this sphere. At the present moment there are several mobile systems in the market. Obviously, the question arises whether it is better to build native apps or hybrid ones. A native application is an executable program developed for usage on a particular platform / device. A hybrid application combines the capabilities of native apps and the flexibility of web apps. Here we decided to help you understand the basic differences of these two approaches and compare native and web-hybrid apps.

Having examined the pull of theoretical information and own empirical experiences in the topic under consideration, the common main points to be singled out are:

  • Efforts to write a hybrid app are lower comparing to those of a native app.
  • A native app has original UI unlike hybrid one.
  • Both hybrid and native apps must correspond to certain rules to be published in Google Play or Appleā€™s App Store.
  • The speed of native apps is the fastest one if the developer has necessary knowledge and technical skills.
  • Development of one hybrid app is cheaper than a separate app building for every platform.

Still, is this the full information that allows to clarify the situation with native and hybrid apps? We in the Digiature team have summarized vast practice and profound knowledge of our highly qualified mobile application developers and grouped information into three categories:

  • Technical aspects.
  • Non-technical aspects.
  • Preferences of leading world companies in mobile apps.